Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Share, Savour and Be Satisfied

My intentions here may be blurry as a result of the imperative mood used in the title; however, I would like to make it perfectly clear that this is not meant to be read as a piece of advice wherein I assume that readers will follow what I state as if it is some kind of maxim or mantra. Advice is not something I consider myself ready to offer. Instead, this piece is a reminder, or message, that I would like to send to my future-self; just in case this moment of clarity does not last forever and I need a gentle shove back to this place where I can see.


I want to share exciting, precious, sad, hopeful and boring moments with someone who wants to share those moments with me.

I want to love sharing my own joy with others and share their joy with them.

I want to learn to share what I have, what I think I may need and what I truly don’t need with those who need.


I want to learn to savour a meal for so long that everything around me drifts away seemingly forever.

I want to savour silence by turning down the volume of my thoughts and enjoying pauses. 

I want to savour simple pleasures; like holding your hand.

Be Satisfied

I want to be satisfied with simplicity; sometimes less really is enough.

I want to come to a point where my life meets my own expectations and I can rest.

I want to always to be satisfied with what I’ve said and done; savouring moments and only sharing who I really am with those around me. 

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